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Acebook is a free asexual dating and social networking site. The site was started by AVEN member Derp in September of 2007, shortly after the technical failure of Originally called "A-Date", and residing on the domain, Acebook was given its own name and domain in 2008.

While initially acting strictly as an asexual dating site in its beginnings, Acebook has since expanded into an inclusive Asexual Dating and Social Networking environment where users can engage one another via messaging, forums, blog posts, and connections.

Following a change in ownership in July of 2019 from the original webmaster Osnap to fellow staff member Enin, Acebook has adopted the public goal of "connecting the asexual world, one community at a time" and committed itself as an organization towards modernizing and revitalizing its own community as well as the asexual community as a whole.

Acebook has seen increasing popularity since its launch, with thousands of new members joining each year. The site currently has a dedicated staffing team composed of 5 experienced web designers and community managers. Staff members are appointed after selection from users that apply to join, as well as nominations from within the community.

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