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College and university campuses provide great opportunities for visibility work. AVEN members have gotten involved by joining GLBT organizations, handing out pamphlets, giving lectures, and getting in touch with different departments to talk about asexuality, and have had an important impact on those campuses. Find your location below to see what campuses AVEN members are involved in or are currently trying to organize visibility efforts. For more information on how Campus Outreach is organized on the wiki, check out Campus Outreach Organization. Don't forget to look at any recent changes made to the wiki to see if anything new has been added recently!

Find a location

Click on the country you're interested in to see what's going on, or check out the list of colleges and universities.

To find universities with already existing Asexual Student Groups, check out the student groups page

North America

What you can do

  • Get in touch with GLBT organizations on campus- these provide opportunities to discuss asexuality, as well as chances to get involved in different GLBT events.
  • Give a talk! Feel free to steal as much as you like from the recorded lecture and powerpoint presentation at Feel free to contact AVENguy for pointers.
  • Try contacting women's studies, gender studies, psychology, sexology, and sociology departments. A few classes have incorporated asexuality into their syllabi.
  • Some colleges have GLBT speakers bureaus that could use an asexual speaker.
  • Leave some pamphlets for GLBT centers.

Some Links to Check Out