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Campus Outreach allows AVEN members to get involved in and plan visibility efforts on college and university campuses through the wiki. Below is a template similar to ASEX projects to help members organize campus information and planning efforts. Feel free to use it or modify it to best fit your campus!

Location: The town/city where the campus is located.

Information and links:

  • Put any relevant information about campus organizations (GLBT, resource centers), including links to websites.


  • Write about any accomplishments.

Upcoming Events:

  • Any visibility events you're involved in? Write about them here!

AVEN members involved:

  • A list of members involved on campus (use only AVEN contact info).

(Below the line is where the planning and discussion takes place)


Write about any updates to projects/plans you're working on. Newest updates at the top of the list.

Ideas & Plans

If you have any ideas about what can be done on a campus, discuss them here. New things at the top of the list.