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The Guardian is a "center-left liberal" newspaper, originally published in Manchester, England. It is now published in London by the Guardian Media Group, and circulated throughout the United Kingdom. There are various articles briefly mentioning asexuality, including "Asexual harassment" (July 2004), "The language of LGBT love" (March 2013), "This week's new film events" (March 2013) and "Care home provider appoints sex 'champions'" (March 2013).

The Guardian's Tim Redford wrote "No sex please, we're asexual", which was published on October 14th, 2004. Another article focusing on asexuality, "We're married, we just don't have sex", was published later in September 2008. It features AVEN couple Hu and winter.

ANother article, "Among the asexuals" was published in February 2012, which features AVEN members Cleander, David Jay (AVENguy) and various other members. It focuses on the production of (A)sexual, which was released later in June 2011.

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