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Jump to: navigation, search was a dating site that was aimed at asexuals. was created in December of 2004 by AVEN member Craig-Andrews, as a result of a thread he had set up thread and poll to gather up some opinions on the idea. Access was open and free of charge. had initially seen a higher amount of activity and account registration, however, this was short-lived. The site had later suffered from low activity and frequent spam.

The site went down at some point during July 2007, it was supposedly being moved to a new server, but has since remained offline.


Soon after the site had gone down, AVEN member Derp had pondered the idea of setting up a new asexual dating site. Derp had set up A-Date in September 2007, it was initially a section of '' (later The A-sylum), but had moved to its own domain by 2008 and became Acebook.


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