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AVEN is the world's biggest asexual site, but it is not the only one. If you want to check out where else asexuality is cropping up on the Internet, check out this page!

Related forums

  • Arocalypse is a laid back community designed for providing support for aromantics of all sexualities and education for those who want to learn more.
  • AVEN Backup Board is the official temporary board for AVEN, used during site downtime. Operational since August 2012, prior to this the AVENites Unite was used during downtime (See Info below). Learn more about the Backup Board
  • AVENites Unite was a temporary board for AVEN, created when the site was TOSed in 2006, and subsequently used when AVEN goes down. Learn more about AVENites Unite
  • Card House was created as a "safer, more respectful location for asexual and asexual-spectrum people to talk about asexuality."
  • Demi Grace is a forum home for demisexuals, grey-asexuals and allies.
  • TransYada forums is a forum for all kinds of queer, but originally an offshoot from the AVEN community (especially from the gender subforum).

Informative Websites

  • Asexual Awareness Week is an international campaign to promote awareness about asexuality. Some of the things you can expect are a series of guest blogs, an asexual community wide demographic survey, and screenings of documentary (A)sexual. Learn more about Asexual Awareness Week.
  • Asexual Explorations exists to promote the academic study of asexuality and connect people with the resources that exist, written for academics doing research, students writing papers , and anyone else who interested in the subject. Learn more about Asexual Explorations.
  • is a website which provides information on all aspects of demisexuality.


About Asexuality


  • The Asexual Agenda is a group blog dedicated to providing news and views (beyond asexuality 101) for people on the asexual spectrum .
  • Asexual Love is the blog of the mysterious Ace Amoeba, a collection of short articles from a unique perspective.
  • Asexy Amy is the blog of Amyb about being asexual and aromantic.
  • Asexy Beast is the blog of Ily, an AVENite and meetup organizer from San Francisco.
  • Love from the Asexual Underground is the blog (formerly a podcast) of David Jay, AVEN's founder. Here he talks about his latest visibility efforts and his experiences with queer-positive and sex-positive allies.
  • Meowing at the Moon is written by Stephanie Silberstein, LGBT activist and author of Shades of Gay, which included an asexual character.


  • Ace of Hearts is the blog of theimpossiblek, a romantic asexual feminist nerd in her twenties.
  • Rainbow Amoeba's Petri Dish is the blog of a 23-year-old asexual female who identifies as a dreamer and is trying to make sense of the world.
  • The Venus of Willendork is the blog of Venus, a lesbian who continually questions her (a)sexuality; although she no longer uses the asexual label for herself, she has no desire for sex as of yet.

Partly About Asexuality

  • Meanwhile, Inside My Head... is the blog of Hound, an asexual loner who "spends a lot of time thinking about things". His thoughts include, but are not limited to, thoughts on his asexual identity.
  • Skeptic's Play is a blog loosely about skepticism, written by miller (aka Siggy), a physics student. After identifying on the asexual spectrum, he started an LGBTA category on his blog, primarily focusing on asexuality.

Related Topics

  • Prude is a parody blog written by an apparent antisexual who is committed to Chastity, Dignity, and Kindness to Penguins.
  • Queers United is an activist blog alerting people to current LGBT issues. They are committed to representing asexuals as well as all other sexual minorities, and have posted about asexuality on many occasions.

Social Networking Groups


  • Club of Aces is a deviantART group for asexuals and allies, and accepts art and literature related to asexuality as well as general-themed submissions by ace artists.


Google Groups

  • The Asexuals is a group for listeners who identify as asexual.


  • Asexuals We Are is a community for "folks who think sex is terribly overrated and pointless". As a community, they put more emphasis on rebelling against sexuality than the Asexuality community.
  • A Wank-Free Zone describes itself as a laid-back environment in which to discuss asexuality, and is dedicated to remaining free of drama and complaining posts.
  • Ace of Arts is a community for collections of literature with asexuality involved.


  • Asexuals With Attitude is a MySpace group for asexuals, dedicated to dispelling some common myths about asexuality.


  • The Dapper Ace is a collaborative YouTube group that discusses a diverse range of topics about or related to asexuality to help provide a better understanding and to increase visibility.
  • Hot Pieces of Ace is an asexual collaboration YouTube group. HPoA is dedicated to fostering discussion about asexuality though videos posted every weekday on a weekly topic.
  • Acesomniacs, similar to The Dapper Ace and HPoA, is an asexual collaboration channel, where each of the participants release a video discussing issues related to Asexuality on a two-week basis.
  • The Asexuality Chronicles, a YouTube series transplanted to but currently running on both sites, is an original series created by an asexual woman. It is intended to provide information on asexuality and provide a window into the life of a particular asexual person.


  • A Life is a weekly podcast about asexuality and asexuals. The show is open to topic suggestions or listener questions. It welcomes guest speakers and possible regular panelists.

Personals Sites

  • Acebook is a free dating and social networking community for asexuals, including forums, chat and user-created groups.
  • Affectionate Friends is "a different kind of dating site", made for people (not necessarily asexuals) who want to share time and affection without worrying about sex or commitment.
  • Asexual Pals is an informal introduction service that brings together asexual and celibate people for romantic and platonic relationships.
  • Asexualitic describes itself as "the first free dating site for asexual people", although technically it was released after the creation of Acebook (originally known as A-Date), which is also free.
  • is described as "a platform of friendship and love for those asexuals looking for more."
  • Celibate Passions is a dating and networking site for celibate people looking for platonic relationships. It comes with chat, message boards, and email.
  • FetLife is a networking site for the BDSM and fetish community, and is ace-friendly.
  • MeetAces is a platform for people who identify as asexual and who are looking for friendship, dating, or a relationship with other asexuals.
  • Patook is a strictly platonic friendship app that blocks flirt attempts and has a large ace community.

Local sites

  • Aces of Arizona is an asexual awareness site dedicated to promote education and visibility of the largest asexual community in the state of Arizona. Local meetup events, advice, news, friendships, dating, information.
  • Ace Space is an asexual student group at the University of California at Berkeley, and posts information about local asexual meetups, news, and events.
  • SF Bay Area Ace Meetups is a meetup group in the San Francisco Bay area which rotates between Berkeley, San Francisco, and the South Bay.

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