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The project team is a group of members dedicated to overseeing AVEN's many efforts to bring education and visibility to the outside world.

Purpose of the Project Team

The Project Team (PT) consists of five members dedicated to promoting asexual visibility and education. Originally, they were elected annually by members of AVEN. Since Fall 2011, they have been elected to two year terms, and if someone leaves before their term is up, the term of the person replacing them begins when elected. The PT has four primary functions.

1) To work with and to provide help to people working on vis/ed projects.

2) To create resources that will be of value to the asexual community, to people wanting to know more about asexuality, and to people working on asexuality-related projects. This includes, but is not limited to, AVENues, Asexual Perspectives, Post of the Week, and working on AVEN’s wiki.

3) To moderate the Visibility and Education Projects forum.

4) To be leaders in asexual visibility and education work.

The PT is not the only group on AVEN working on visibility and education projects. Bringing Asexy Back is a group devoted to outreach to the LGBT community. AVEN’s media teams lead work in coordinating with the media in their respective areas. Formerly, there the AVEN DSM Taskforce lobbied the DSM-5 Sexual Dysfunctions Subworkgroup to try to make Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder more asexual friendly in DSM-5.


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In June 2006, AVENguy proposed a new Project Team structure in this thread. Eleven members were to be elected by the AVEN membership to the newly formed Project Team, elections were to be held every six months. The first Project Team was made up of eleven members elected in the week of June 15 to June 22, 2006. The team was given their own forum, which was publicly visible, but only the team could post in. Within this forum, they worked on projects such as AVENwiki, AVENues, a pen-pal exchange, the AVEN store, and a set of pamphlets. However the original Project Team ran into issues with inactivity. A new Project Team was elected after the previous team was disbanded. Members of the previous team were accused of elitism, a lack of organization and coherence. During this process, which took place in the Visibility, Education and Organizing forum in June, participants discussed the possible nature of the new Project Team. In July 2007, a new team of 6 members was elected by the membership, and the forum was opened for posting by all members of AVEN. [1]

In August 2011, a new subforum for coordinating activities related to WorldPride 2012 was added to the Visibility and Education section of AVEN's forum. The creation of this subforum was spearheaded by michaeld, and it falls under the moderation of the Project Team.[2]

In fall 2011, two major structural changes were made for the PT. First, terms were extended to two years, and they began from when the person was elected. Thus, if someone stepped down before their term was over, their replacement would be elected to a two year term, rather than simply filling out the remainder of the term for whoever they replaced. Second, the PT created its first specific position: Dedicated Research Contact. In early 2013, the PT's structure was modified so that each PT member would be elected to a specific position. The duties for that position are stated in the nominations thread. By default, the PT election will be for the same position as the PT member whose term is up or who is leaving the PT, although the PT may choose to have the election be for a different role if they feel this would be better.

Since 2013, the Project Team positions have been the Answering Team and Wiki Coordinator, Dedicated Research Contact, Director of Social Media, Media Director, and the Resources and Survey Director. In November 2017, the Resources and Survey Director position was replaced by the Resources and Education Director position.

Current Members and Responsibilities

• Puck Answering Team and Wiki Coordinator
• michaeld AVEN Media Director
• Jarle Dedicated Research Contact
• kelico Director of Social Media
• Snao Cone Resources and Education Director

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