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The Visibility and Education section was created during the reorganization of the forums in February 2008.

Visibility and Education Projects

Forum Visibility and Education Projects
Number 6
Created May 2002
Moderator(s) Project Team
Access Public

Also known as "VisEd", and historically known as Visibility and Education (between 2002 and 2005) and Visibility, Education & Organizing, the Visibility and Education Projects forum is one of AVEN's original and eldest forums. Despite the fact that it predates the creation of the Project Team, it's currently moderated and mostly used by the PT, alongside the general members, to organize projects. The forum has served the same basic purpose since its creation, to provide a space for members to organize various projects in an attempt to aid visibility. Historically it was maintained by an elected moderator, but this changed in February 2008[1], when the reorganization passed control of the forum to the Project Team.

"AVEN Project Team"

Not to be confused with the eponymous AVEN Project Team

The Project Team was set up in June 2006. Following AVENguy's original proposals, two new forums were created; the Mod Elections forum, and an AVEN Project Team forum. This forum was publicly viewable but read-only, though the purpose of Visibility and Education Projects was reviewed and altered to work around this issue[2]. The AVEN Project Team forum was eventually merged with Visibility and Education Projects in February 2008, and later replaced by a similar but non-public forum.

WorldPride (forum)

WorldPride is an international pride event, hosted by a selected city once every 2-6 years. This event was hosted by London in 2012, by Toronto in 2014, and will be hosted by Madrid in 2017.

The WorldPride 2012 forum was first proposed in July 2011[3], and later created in August 2011[4]. Originally proposed as a subforum of the Meetup Mart or Visibility and Education Projects, it was eventually decided that the WorldPride forum should exist as a standalone forum[5]. This forum was moderated by the Project Team and later retired as a subforum of VisEd.

Under the original proposals, this forum would've been altered and reopened for WorldPride 2014, though a proposal was made to create a newer forum for this event, which was later voted on by the members[6]. The members voted in favor of creating a new WorldPride 2014 forum, which was created in October 2013, rather than reviving the original. As with the WorldPride 2012 forum, the WorldPride 2014 forum was also later retired as a subforum of VisEd.

A new forum for WorldPride 2017 was opened in December 2016. [7]

World Watch

Forum World Watch
Number 11
Created May 2002
Moderator(s) FaerieFate
Access Public

When a member spots an article that focuses on asexuality, or encounters a brief mention in their favorite TV program, they'll usually spread the word to AVEN by starting a thread in the World Watch forum. This forum is one of the originals, and has remained largely unchanged since 2002, though it was merged with another forum in 2009 and an archives section was later added in 2012.

The Library

The Library was created in February 2003[8], originally intending to provide a space for discussing literature. By 2009, it was suffering from a severe lack of traffic, with less than 200 threads containing less than 3,000 posts collectively. The World Watch forum was also suffering from a similar lack of traffic, thus a proposal was made in October 2009 to merge these two forums[9]. This was later voted on, with the majority voting in favor to merge[10].

World Watch Archive

This archive is a continual work-in-progress, it archives relevant threads and indexes them by year (currently every year between 2002 and 2016). It was set up in December 2012[11].

Community Link Forum

Forum Community Link Forum
Number 80
Created July 2012
Moderator(s) n/a
Access Public

AVEN also provides links to alternate asexual communities by using the Community Link Forum to display the URLs, much like the Alternate Languages forum. Unlike the Alternate Languages forum, the Community Link Forum is read-only and contains no posts to date. This forum was initially proposed in March 2012, discussed by the admods throughout May 2012 and eventually created in July 2012[12]. Currently, these following communities are indexed:

Communities are usually removed from this list once they fall inactive, such as AroPlane and Break The Binary. These links are subject to a simple set of rules; The community must speak English, to some extent it must discuss or focus on asexuality, it mustn't misrepresent asexuality and must be free from or discourage discriminating behavior and language[13].

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